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ex-VeryGames fortan bei Titan eSports unter Vertrag

Geposted von MooZE,
Wie soeben bekannt wurde, verpflichtet die in Singapur ansässige Organisation Titan eSports das ehemalige Team von VeryGames. Vor rund einer Woche bestätigte das französische Lineup, dass man an den ESEA Finals in Dallas teilnehmen werde. Dadurch ließ sich schon früh vermuten, dass das Vorzeigeteam aus Frankreich eine neue Organisation gefunden hat, die die Reise finanzieren wird. Lange Zeit war davon die Rede, dass die Jungs einer chinesischen Organisation beitreten werden, doch nun gibt es Gewissheit. Die Organisation Titan eSports, die aus Singapur kommt, wurde erst im Jahr 2013 gegründet und konnte zuvor in DotA2 das Team Orange verpflichten, das auf 'The International 2013' den dritten Platz erspielen konnte.

Mit der Verpflichtung gibt man des Weiteren bekannt, dass die fünf Akteure in Zukunft in ein Gaming-House ziehen werden. Man darf gespannt sein, inwiefern sich das Spiel von Titan in Zukunft verbessern wird, wohnt man doch nun zum ersten Mal zusammen und kann das Spiel Vollzeit miteinander spielen.

Statement Kévin 'Ex6TenZ' Droolans:

I am honored to join such an ambitious organisation in Titan. We are going to be put in the best possible conditions to train and perform well, since we are going to be moving into a training house in Brussels, Belgium. This year will be filled with new challenges, which we are eager to accomplish. We are already well on our way to train for that, so see you at the ESEA finals in a few days.

You are joining an organization who managed to seduce one of the best Dota 2 team, and Valve, thanks to the eSport crates seems capable to offer $250 000 every quarter: the game and your team are stepping up to a new level. What is your state of mind about this situation?

We're really excited and willing to give our best in order to have no regrets... We've learned many things from these past months and I think our team is more mature now. Titan is promising the best conditions we can imagine and it's like a new beginning for us, everything remains to be done here. We could almost say: it's now or never. Even if you should never say never!

Some of your players are students or don't have time to fully get involved into the game, will this situation be any different this year ? Are you staking everything on Global Offensive in 2014?

I'll be the only one to continue my studies, with a lighter planning though. I don't think it will restrain me from a great productivity, at the contrary, it will be a way to free my mind and to keep my feet on the ground. For my team mates, 2014 will be strictly focused on CSGO, another asset for us!

NiaK will still be by your side, will his role evolve? Is he also changing status?

Yes, we will keep him with us, with many others from the VeryGames staff like wakanouka, Mini and Shinzo.

Jérôme keeps his role of manager, he will continue to handle the group's daily life and it's a full time job! He wants to get even more involved in the game, like he did on CSS. His status evolves with ours and it's a deserved reward for him, because he put up a lot of efforts to get us where we are today.

After "wage" and "involvement", the favourite word of your fans is "gaming-house": will you be often in bootcamp or does your old rhythm suits you well?

There is indeed a huge enhancement on this point. All of us will train 3 weeks per month inside our gaming house probably based in Brussels, Belgium.

It's a huge asset in term of productivity. It's better to train together, we can exchange our ideas efficiently, we understand each others easily and we get a lot more focused and creative.

But it's a huge modification in our lifestyles, we'll have to learn how to live together, in collectivity, far from our families for some of us, and all that for most of the time... It's a new challenge.

With Team VeryGames, an European team was representing an European structure who was only on CS:GO. Your new organization, which is quite unknown to the western world, seems to count on you to make itself known on other continents and on another game than Dota 2. Will it take more implication outside of the game ? Especially when it comes to communication and public relations? As the team captain, is it an additional source of motivation or a danger which could result in you having less time to play?

Our status modification implies some adjustments on this level, that's obvious. From now on, we wear the colours of an international organisation and we will have to be more present on the internationals medias... English lessons are already planned.

Otherwise, it's awesome to be able to live thanks to your passion. Our project has grown these few past months and it motivates me to do my best and I won't forget that we are here thanks to our performances when we join a game server. As football fans say: it happens on the field!

The last words are up to you!

A great thank you to Titan and his founder Damien Grust for greeting us among them and for giving us the best conditions possible to approach this new season. Thank you to our supporters as well, we will give everything and we won't disappoint you in 2014!

Lineup Titan eSports:
be Kévin 'Ex6TenZ' Droolans
fr Nathan 'NBK' Schmitt
fr Edouard 'SmithZz' Dubourdeaux
be Adil 'ScreaM' Benrlitom
fr Richard 'shoxie' Papillon


ESLMby99DMG Bewerbung