Valve veröffentlicht neue Music Kit Box und fixt Maps

Geposted von EddieCochran,
Valve veröffentlicht per Update eine neue Music Kit Box mit sechs Titeln und fixt diverse Maps. Zudem beschränkt der CS:GO-Entwickler den Zugang zu Party Lobbys für Spieler ohne Prime Account. Valve hat am Mittwoch ein neues CS:GO-Update veröffentlicht. Der Entwickler veröffentlicht darin die "Initiators Music Kit Box" mit sechs Titeln. Zudem beschränkt Valve den Zugang zu Party Lobbys für Spieler ohne Prime Account. Die Karte Primetime heißt künftig Cascade und wurde wie Blagai und Breach an einigen Stellen überarbeitet.

Alle Änderungen durch das CS:GO-Update in der Übersicht:
Release Notes für den 24. August 2022
– Added the Initiators Music Kit Box and the StatTrak™ Initiators Music Kit Box, featuring 6 new music kits:
— 3kliksphilip, Heading for the Source
— Humanity’s Last Breath, Void
— Juelz, Shooters
— Knock2, dashstar*
— Meechy Darko, Gothic Luxury
— Sullivan King, Lock Me Up

[ MISC ]
– Added a message on the main menu for players whose inventory is reaching full capacity.
– Awarded “10 Year Birthday Coin” items to players whose inventory was at full capacity and did not receive a drop during the birthday week.
– Users without Prime Account Status can only invite Steam friends to a party lobby.
– Users without Prime Account Status see a limited profile view when inspecting non-friend accounts.
– Blocked player avatars will now display one of a set of premade custom avatars instead of a no-avatar-outline.
– Fixed Steam Controller input overlay mismatch during warmup.

[ MAPS ]
-Fixed bot navigation
-Added position names in the upper left corner
-Fixed various visual bugs
-Improved optimization a bit
-Moved the map away from the zero coordinates
-Reworked model of the fence, canopy, steps
-Various minor visual improvements
-Improved clipping throughout the map
Thanks Joaokaka1998, Cheburek

Primetime -> Cascade
– Name changed from Primetime to Cascade.
– Updated cave collision model.
– Improved clipping
– Reduced detail to help boost performance and limit visual bugs
– All particles, sprites, and glows have been removed
– Lighting has been altered

– Fixed various bomb stuck spots and clipping issues (thanks Joaokaka1998, LATE and Kerluck!)
– Made the blinds at A non see-through
– Added missing clipping to T spawn lamps
– Various small visual bug fixes